3 Way to Make Video Without Showing Face on YouTube

In today’s time everyone is earning money from YouTube. By doing some entertainment and sharing some knowledge, then some talent was seen. But there are some people who, even after having the skills, are not able to make videos on YouTube. Just because of their face but some people are still uploading their videos on YouTube without showing face.

Hello Reader, enquary is here because We have for you 3 ways to make videos that help you without showing your face. If you are 20 years old then you should make your career once on YouTube also. Because YouTube is on boom in today’s time. If you have any unique skill then you can earn money from YouTube in few months.

3 way to make video without showing your face


In today’s time, many people are earning money from YouTube by recording audio. If I talk about the power of audio, then some people who are taking million of subscribers by uploading audio summary on YouTube. People don’t care about whose face is behind the room. They mean all valuable content. If you want to upload videos on YouTube without Shaving Your Face, then the audio is right for you.

Image & Video

If you don’t know how to shoot video, then no problem. Many such websites that provide you free images & videos for your content. For example: Shutterstock, Freepik etc. How to use these images and videos. You can use these free images and videos according your content.

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It seems to me that this one of the best way for many people is to upload videos on YouTube. If you make videos like this way, then there is no need for you to showing your face on YouTube.


I myself also use animation for my videos. Many YouTube content creators use animation. There are many websites like this, even their images and videos are not needed. There are many websites that give you animation videos for free. For example: mixkit, pexels or videezy etc.

I hope you got some idea how to make video without showing face on YouTube.

Thank you for mints.

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