Advanced Features on Samsung

Hello reader, All the phone brands give a lot of features to make their phone look its best. One of them is Samsung. Samsung is the No.1 brand in the world which gives maximum features in its phones. Some funny and hidden advanced features of Samsung. These are such features that even those who are die heart fan by Samsung will not know.

These advanced features are such that you can use in your daily life. These are the top 10 Samsung advanced features that will help your applications run quick.

Samsung Advanced features


Everyone uses the phone, but people know a lot about SOS. After using these features, I really felt that it is advanced features. SOS is a kind of life-saving feature. For example: If you are driving a car and you have an accident at once, then you can help yourself by using SOS in that condition.

SOS provide you some such features. Which is very easy to use. Follow our mentioned method to turn on SOS.

  • Go to phone Setting.
  • Then click Advanced features option.
  • Then go to Panic mode and on send SOS messages.
  • Select the contact number of those 5 people who are your family and this friend.
  • Easy to use click 3 time mobile power button.
  • SOS automatic send message to your family and friend.
  • SOS sends message ( I need help )

Side key

A lot of people use the power button to turn off the displays. But there are other features of the power button which people do not know. The power button can be used in 2 ways. 1. Double press 2. Press and hold.

Double press

In its default setting, you get 3 options.

  • Quick launch camera
  • Open Bixby
  • Quick switch to secure folder
  • The fourth option will be everyone’s choice. You can set the application as per your wish.

Press and hold

In this you get two decent options.

  • Wake Bixby
  • Power off menu

Quick Share

Many people do not know about Quick Share. And that’s why they download third party applications. But third party application is not secure. If you are a Samsung user then you should not use third party applications. That’s why one such feature of Samsung by which you can share any file quickly. Samsung gives you the option to share files in 4 ways.

  1. Quick Share
  2. WiFi- Direct
  3. Smart Switch
  4. Nearby Share

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Magnifier Window

You get to know by the name of this. What is the use of these features, by the way, this feature is also quite complicated. Sometimes I also get into thinking that I should use this feature. But more often than not, I use it to read PDF or Book.

Turn on

  • Go to Setting
  • Search visibility enhancements option
  • Then click magnifier window and on magnifier window.

How to Use

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen with 2 fingers.

One hand Mode

Many people use this feature in different ways. But one feature is used by most people while sleeping. Sometimes we use the phone while sleeping on the bed. We are in the comfort zone while sleeping on the bed, due to which we are not able to use both our hands. In such condition you can use one hand mode.

How use

  • Go to setting.
  • Then click Advanced features.
  • Find one-handed mode and on this option.

Colour Correction

This is really an advanced features. This is a very funny feature which has become my one of the best feature. If you want to live your life like black and white movies, then you must use this feature.

Samsung lets you use this feature in 3 ways. Bedtime mode, Coloue correction, Colour inversion.

Bedtime mode: While using this feature, you have to keep one thing in mind. If you use this, Do Not Disturb gets turned on automatically. It is very easy to on these features. In the drop down menu, you get the option of Bedtime Mode.

Colour correction: It is very easy to turn on this feature.

  • Go to setting.
  • search visibility enhancements.
  • Find colour correction and on this option.

colour inversion: This feature is not black and white but it is a very good feature. If you like it then definitely try it.

  • Go to setting.
  • search visibility enhancements.
  • Find colour inversion and on this option.

Remove animation

If you use the phone a lot and your battery runs out quickly, then you can use this feature. By using this feature, all the animations of the phone will stop, which makes your phone work very smooth.

How to on

  • Go to setting.
  • search visibility enhancements.
  • Find Remove animations and on this option.

Show Battery percentage

If you want to know quickly what is the percentage of your phone’s battery, then you can turn on this feature.

  • Go to setting.
  • search show battery percentage.
  • Then click and on this option.

Dual Messenger

If you have to use your messenger in two places, then you must use this feature.

How to use

  • Go to setting.
  • Then click Advanced features.
  • Find Dual Messenger option.
  • Click and on this option.

Screenshots and screen recoding

If you do serene recording in the phone and that video becomes too big, then you can automatically adjust your video recording feature.

How to on

  • Go to setting.
  • Then click Advanced features.
  • Find Screenshots and screen recoding option.
  • Click and adjust according to you.

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I hope you liked this advanced feature of Samsung. If you liked this article of ours, then definitely share it with your friends because sharing is caring.

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