3 easy Step build Your Product Strategy

All businesses profit only when they are able to sell their product. But there are many businesses which are newly started. And they do not know how to build marketing strategy and plan of business. Some segments of the market that new businessmen do not understand. Like how to sell the product and how to understand the behavior of the customer. What kind of discounts and plans should be implemented in business. How should you present your product to the people through the scheme. So that our potential customer buys our product and we get good profit.

So let us tell you with the help of this article. What are those 3 easy steps that you can build your marketing strategy and planning of your content. Hello reader welcome to enquary this is so that you can boost your knowledge and your life.

3 easy step

Market Targeting

It is a big mistake of the market to believe that every person in the world cares about his product or service. I can guarantee you that most of the people in this world do not care about whatever product or service you are providing, so to sell the product you need to do these two things.

  1. Target your audience: If you want to sell the product to any customer. So you should know who is my target audience and who is not. You have to understand the behavior of your custom. Mostly what is the age of the customer and how they think and what is their need.
  2. A3: Targeting is not everything, but it is also necessary to have an A3 strategy to those customers. If you do not know how to attract the attention of the target customer. So there is no use in targeting the customer. Therefore, to know the A3 strategy, click on this link How to Attract Audience Attention

Right Product

If when you come to know about your right customer. So you will also get to know about your product, what the potential customer needs. Therefore, before serving anything, you should make the product in two categories, high focus and low focus.

  1. High Focus: You can observe which product is most in demand. If more products are sold, more revenue will be generated.
  2. Low Focus: What happens many times is that there are some products whose price is low and the demand is low. In such a situation, you just have to understand whether you are getting a good margin on that low-cost product or not. If you are getting good cost then you can sell that product.


To create a position in any market, you need to build a marketing communication strategy. So you just have to find such a way. So that your customer is compelled to buy your goods. Do some such activities in the market so that the potential customer gets that goods more than expected.

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