Deliver value with the help of Duplication

The value of any product in the world can be increased in only one way with the help of duplication. Duplication is the ability to reliably produce something valuable over and over again. Factory production is an extreme example of duplication. Suppose you want to make a design in desired number. So you can duplicate that design. But duplication has to be used very wisely. Because in today’s time duplicate is not used smartly, then you may also suffer loss.

Due to the digital world, duplication is used in two ways in today’s time. The first is offline and the second is online.


The better the duplicate capability of any product, the more value you can get. But one thing has to be kept in mind. Man eats only as much food as he can eat. That’s why you should manufacture any goods as much as people need it.


All development depends on your activity. In the online world also the work of duplication is the same. The more you publicize to the people, the more people will know about you. But the duplication activity of promoting does not generate the desire of your potential customer. So you are wasting your time and money.

So hope you understand the duplication. There is a straightforward principle of duplicate. That’s as much as you offer to the people. The more people will know about you and the more people know you, the higher will be your revenue.

Here is a simple example of Duplicate

Starbuck :- Starbucks knows how to keep its product the same every time.

McDonald’s :- McDonald’s knows how to keep the beans tested every time its product. Because he knows how to duplicate his product. That’s why it has thousands of stores all over the world.

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