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This story is not just about Dabbawalas. Rather it is the story of every person who goes from one place to another for work or to deliver anything. Suppose that one day you take your bicycle or bike and go to the railway station, bus stand, roam or go out for some work. During this your cycle or bike gets stolen. So that work of yours remains half-baked and your loss also gets done.

Dabbawala Facing Problem

Something similar is happening with Dabbawala in today’s time as well. Cycle and train are the most used in this business running in Mumbai. Taking advantage of this, the thief is stealing the cycle from the railway station. Nilesh bacche, who is a member of Dabbawala, says that on 12/Sep/2022, the cycle of his 5 member has been stolen. Two cycles were stolen from Borivali, 1 from Kandivali and 2 from Bandra railway station.

Do not know how many people these thieves steal bicycles and bikes or some other items daily. If all the cases of theft are counted in India. So 493 thousand cases are registered by Statista in India every year.

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Financial Crisis

Even after the lockdown, the economic condition of the country is already fine. But not for the poor people yet. Dabbawala says that we are working by getting the old cycle repaired. For a new cycle, they have to spend up to 8000-9000. In such a situation, they cannot take a new bicycle.


Dabbawala says that despite appearing in the CCTV footage, the police are not catching the thieves. Thieves of this generation are stealing in a very smart way. Therefore, to catch the thief, a smart way of looking should be invented. If you can not discover the smart look in the time of Filal. So these people should get a cycle stand arranged by the government. So that the bicycle cannot be stolen.

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