Focus your career amidst technology

Yes, we are walking step by step with technology. At the same time, the use of internet has become so much that India has become the second number one internet consuming country. And with this, he is not concentrating on his career. We are walking with technology, there is also the happiness of talking and somewhere due to the Internet, our coming generation is also going to suffer.


Enjoying internet access. Everyone but no one is able to understand its depth. Technology has advanced so much. One of the best electronic gadgets is the phone. Let me tell you that India is the second largest phone market. India has the largest number of users in the whole world.

Pros & Cons

This is not a bad thing, our India is so great. But one bad thing in these is that today generation is taking wrong knowledge and neither one is paying good attention to their studies. This is a scene of concern which everyone should think about, especially the parents of the rescued.

For every child

Nowadays every child has a smart phone in their hand. When are they watching, with whom they are talking, they are being told who they have been with. Parents do not pay attention to all these things, due to which children are spoiled. And this is not a good use of technology.

If the children of parents do not eat food for a day, then their demand is fulfilled and this is a wrong thing. This upsets the child’s mind, he feels that this is a good way to fulfill his demand. And then in future whenever he needs something. He will get his demand fulfilled by doing the same and his demand will increase.

As you all can see. That you look at any child. When he uses the phone. So you will see that reels, shorts videos or YouTube will be seen playing in the phone, otherwise it can be found playing only games other than that. These are just a few things that they can do.


Children, today’s teenagers are also doing the same thing. Teenagers are using technology wrongly. Everyone has become crazy about the game, they keep playing the game all the time. I have even seen that some parents support their rescue. That he should be active on social since childhood. And have seen some play games on YouTube and Facebook.

Due to all these activities, children’s mind is not engaged in studies at all. Leaving all this, they should put their mind in studies. So that he becomes his future. Operating a phone is not a bad thing, but having good knowledge in it is even better.

We should always use internet for our own knowledge. I get a lot of free knowledge on the internet, which everyone can download and read. No one is talking about startup these days, don’t know what has happened to everyone.

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