How To Check Google Analytics Acquisition Report

Today we have come with Acquisition Overview. In this article, we will tell you what is Acquisition report and what are it’s benefits.

Acquisition Overview

Why important

Why is our audience acquiring our content? If so, what platform are they on? From where we are getting maximum audience on our website.

Basically from this we know that if you are making a strategy. So it is not necessary that those strategies are right for every platform. Acquisition reports help to identify these strategies. For which platform we should make a strategy. So that our time and energy is spent less.


The acquisition report provides us with one such important source. By which we know how to plan our strategy. For example:

  • On which platform to apply the strategy.
  • With which keyword to do or through which media.
  • On which social media do we need to focus the most?
  • Which is the source that is working the most on our content in bringing people in?

How to check

The overview of the acquisition report gives you an idea of the behavior of your audience to a great extent. In the front page of the overview of the acquisition, among many options, an option is available for the top channels. In the top channel you get 5 strategies.

For Example: Organize Search, Social, Direct, Referral, Paid Search.

Organize Search: How many people have Google suggested to your content? If people come to your content on their own accord, then Google promotes your website on its own. Due to which the rank of your website becomes high. Which is done only by organic search.

Social: If any people come to your website from social media, then its percentage shows you in the categories of social. You must check from which social media platform the most people come to your website.

Direct: These are the people who enter your website from the direct URL. The people who make direct entry on the website are your loyal users.

Referral: These are the people who come to your website by sharing the link of your content with each other.

Paid Search: If you get your website advertised and impressed by it’s advertising and someone visited your website, then such people come in the paid search categories.

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I hope you have got all the information related to Google Analytics Acquisition Report Overview.

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