How to Grow YouTube channel with Right Algorithm in 2022

Before growing on YouTube and understanding the algorithm of this, you have to understand yourself. How to increase watch time and subscribe on YouTube Somebody is telling this by doing this. But no one is telling how to update the content creator before uploading the content.

Hello Reader, enquary is here because the content creator behind YouTube’s backend doesn’t know it. That people come to you not because of your algorithms but because of your content. If you have a new channel on YouTube or already have a YouTube channel. Then this article of ours has helped you. To make you and your YouTube algorithm better than good.

Top 5 YouTube Algorithm & Yourself


Any YouTube video is designed this way. So that his audience can see his title and thumbnail and become aware of what is going to be found in the video. In the same way, you have to make yourself aware of yourself. What do you want, what is your passion, what is your hobby and in which profession do you want to make a career. Because in today’s time, many people have started YouTube as a career. Please never be true like this.

If you want to learn and understand something, then should enhance your knowledge, not the YouTube algorithm. Because YouTube algorithm is not a career, but a career is your skill.

I think you will be designing the title and thumbnail of your life.

Watch Time

The more green and beautiful the forest looks from afar, the more dangerous it is from inside. That means, YouTube’s algorithm has nothing to do with your CTR. But now some people will have this thing in their mind, why CTR does not matter.

For example: The CTR rating on any of your videos becomes high. And the bounce rate also gets high. This means that the CTR will be high due to the title and thumbnail of the video. But due to lack of good content in the video, the bounce rate increased.

If you want to reduce CTR high and bounce rate then follow our mentioned method. You have to create awareness within 2-3 minutes of starting the video. What are you going to get in the video. For example:

  • How is
  • What is
  • Who has taken
  • What is the benefit.
  • What is the future of this

In the introduction of starting, create such suspense that your audience is ready to watch that video completely.

YouTube professional video kaise banaye- 2022

Audience behavior

To understand the behavior of YouTube’s audience, you have to understand the trends of YouTube. If you want to know how to upload right time and right video on YouTube. So for this you will need Google Trends.

How to use google trends: On whichever topic you want to make a video, you have to search the title of that video in Google Trends. On whichever topic you want to make a video, you have to search the title of that video in Google Trends. In that you will get a graph. If the arrow of the graph is not less than 50% then there is no use of making a video on that keyword.


If you want to rank from any online platform, then you should have good SEO(Search Engine Optimization). To do SEO of any video, you should know the title, thumbnail, description, tags etc of the video well.


This story is of my friend. More than 1 lakh views were ahead on a video of him. In such a case, many people become happy, but my friend does not do anything like this. Rather, he did not celebrate, but made another part of the same video. And his 2nd video got more than 1 Million views.

Sometimes you should also do a little experiment with your videos.

I hope you got to learn something more with YouTube Algorithm. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends. So that they also know about the YouTube algorithm.

Thank you for mints.

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