How Does Your Money Sink You

Hello reader, For any common person or small retailer, or any big businessman. This is not a text article but it is a real-life lesson. How the human mind destroys the human being. We will tell you in this article. That if you are not able to control your money or you have more money than your capacity. So what will be your behavior with your money? Let us learn this from the story of these beautiful couples.

You & your Money

This is a small story of a very beautiful couple whose name is Ashima and Rohit. Who live in Jaipur. Ashima is a Project Manager in an IT company and Rohit is a Head meads marketing and sales at a leading Pharmaceutical Enterprise. Both of which are well-settled in their lives.

The total monthly earning of both is 3 lakhs. Still, they are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. Even after earning lakhs of rupees, he could not live happily. Due to some such mistake of them, their money drowned them.



When every person has some expense. So he thinks of building his own house. The first and biggest mistake of Ashima and Rohit was their dream house. The desire of any person is more than his money and because of this many people also take loans. And so did Ashima and Rohit, they took a home loan whose monthly EMI  (equated monthly instalment) goes to Rs.1,05,000.


Every family wants that they must have a car at their house. But Ashima and Rohit had 2 cars at home that too on EMI. Whose monthly EMI used to be 1st SUV Car=15,000 and 2nd SUV Car=12,000 thousand rupees. Patrol and maintenance charges are separate. The total EMI of the car goes up to 27000 thousand rupees.


When parents have too much expense. So he would like to send his child to an expansive school. Ashima and Rohit send their kid to the most famous school in the city. Whose monthly fee goes to 18000 rupees. The average salary of a middle-class family is Rs 18000.

This Principle Gives a lot of Returns in Future

Weekend Trips

Sometimes the passion of man kills the person. It is human nature to show off people. By the way, show off can be done in many ways. But most of the people spend their money in traveling. Similarly, Ashima and Rohit used to spend Rs 72000 on their weekends. I think 72000 rupee is very valuable for a common man. As a beginner trader, if I have 72000 rupees then I can make at least 40%-60% profit in 1 week. There is both loss and profit in trading. If someone knows trading well, then he can also multiply that money by 2 times.

Restaurants & Hotels

When a person likes to live and roam expensive. So such a person sometimes likes to eat expensive food. Ashima and Rohit used to spend 20000 rupees for your weekly dinner. I think a common man’s ration for one month would have come in 10000 thousand rupees. If we total all these amounts, then they become some 2,42,000 rupees.


These 5 such mistakes that no person should do in his life.

  • A more luxurious and pretentious life is not good.
  • Don’t buy some expensive property on EMI.
  • Going on expensive holiday trips and dinners is a must sometimes.
  • Always make a budget for everything.
  • “Live in the present” should be taken very seriously.

A lot of credit for this article goes to Sir Raj Shamani. I hope you have got all the information from How Does Your Money Sink You.

Thank you for mints.

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