How to Beat D-Mart Supermarket in India

Why have you ever thought that for what case study of any business is done. Why Analyze a Business Case Study. According to harvard business school, Understand the business case for change and apply business models that create shared value. If you are also running a business or making a strategy for any of your business. So this our article is very helpful for you. In this article, we will know how D-Mart is eliminating the competition.

3 Strategy that Beat D-Mart all Supermarkets

Consumer Behavior

Before starting any business, you should know what is the behavior of your consumer and why? Radhakishan Damani is the founder of D-mart. When D-Mart business was not even started. So Damani sir used to visit a lot of Walmart or malls and he used to observe all the people for a long time.

For example: Which product do people buy more and why? They take expensive product or cheap. The most important point was to make a list of the top 10 products that sold the most.

From the starting stage, his interest was in understanding consumer behavior. So that he can build his strategy in his business in a much better way.

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Although D-Mart has 90% own store but 10% of the store was taken on lease. Because this is also a marketing strategy. Let me tell you how this strategy works.

Any person went without checking any location. Wouldn’t want to spend his lakhs of rupees on it. That’s why Damani sir used to take it on lease before buying any new location. 1. So that he can check how much demand is there for that location. 2. This is also a very unique strategy that used to open two stores within its 5 kg radius. Because many times what happens is that due to having only one store in an area, that store is crowded. Due to which people are not able to shop properly.

Opening two stores has its own advantages for example:

  • Fewer staff have to be hired.
  • People went shopping more and more.
  • People will spend more time in the story which will generate more revenue.


If you want to get a discount from any person, then make good relations with that person. Same did it with a big business owner in D-Mart. D-Mart built a very unique strategy to build good relationships with big business man. D-Mart used to repay all its loans within 10 to 15 days. Whereas the big company used to take months to repay the loan. By doing this, D-Mart was building a good relationship with all the big companies.

A good relationship has its own advantages, such as buying more stock from a bigger company, used to give some percentage off on the company’s product. On getting more discount, more product was bought and people were also given more discount on the product.


  • D-Mart understood the behavior and needs of all its customers.
  • With a location that people need.
  • With a price that people can buy and the owner also gets good benefits.

I hope you are making some good ideas for your business by reading this D-Mart case study.

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