How to Deliver a Product without any Marketing

The main motive of deliver is that people’s life becomes easy. The delivery method of all companies is different, some do it online and some offline. But such a business in India which is an example for every company. Who has made himself stand in this market without any marketing till date. He is the Dabbawala. This business running in Mumbai was started in 1890 by Shree Mahadeo Havaji Bacche with 100 people. Who had registered his business in the name of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box in 1956.

Hello reader, Welcome to enquary. Enquary is on this so that you can increase your Knowledge and boost your Life. We have brought for you such a case study in which you will learn how Dabbawala has deliver the product without marketing. Please read and understand this case study carefully.

Delivery Strategy

Sharp Mind

Most of the employees working in Dabbawalas are not even 8th pass. Even then, they deliver more than 2 lakh tiffin in a day. Because they have trained their mind in such a way that they know about each and every area and location. From where to pick up whose tiffin and where to deliver it.

Delivery Timing

Dabbawala timetable is like a streak of stone. If you are late by more than 2 minutes then don’t take dabbawal tiffin. Because they have to deposit a lot of tiffin daily, they do not delay even 1 minute. He delivers every tiffin to his costar before 1 pm. They do not get stuck in traffic jams, so they do not use the vehicle, they use cycles, handcarts and trains. And by evening, those tiffin reach their homes back.

How does an Entrepreneur Think and Act

Build Strategy

From receiving to delivery, they color code the tiffin in such a way that they know to whom and where to deliver this tiffin. The color code of tiffin is like this.

  • The name of the station is in the tap bar of Tiffin.
  • The station code is in the center.
  • On the left side of the tiffin there is an area code from where the tiffin is received.
  • There is an area code on the right side of the tiffin where the tiffin has to be delivered

Delivery is an important role in any business. Delivery is like a new baby born when a mother gives birth to her baby and the happiness of that time is unimaginable. This is also something that keeps people satisfied.

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