Increase Online Traffic With Flipboard & Twitter

In this internet world everyone is doing digital work. Everyone wants to work online and earn money. But due to the lack of online marketing, many people are left behind in the digital world. That’s why we have brought you an increase online traffic article for your content.

Why have we selected these two platforms for online traffic. Because today’s teenager has nothing to do with the world. If there is any active platform in today’s time then it is Flipboard & Twitter. These platforms give a lot of opportunity in increase online traffic.

Increase Online traffic with Flipboard & twitter


There are 21 different languages used on Flipboard. Flipboard is used by more than 500 million people in the world. 300 million users use Flipboard in mobile devices and more than 100m active users on Flipboard every month.

How to use

  • First you have to create your account on Flipboard.
  • After that Flipboard will send you a mail in which you have to confirm your email.
  • After that you have to make a magazine of your content.
  • To create a magazine, you get the option of Flip Compose in the right side of the top bar of Flipboard.
  • While creating magazine you get these options 1 your Title 2 Description 3 your content link.

By doing this, backlinks of your content are also created and traffic on your content also gets increased.


Twitter helps a lot in increase online traffic. 90% of users are active on Twitter. Because all the users of Twitter are educated, they are such users who have to know everything about what is going on in the world. That’s why I chose this platform. If we talk about the total user of Twitter, then its percentage is different in every country. For example:

Million people of all these countries use Twitter.

  • United states 76.9%M
  • Japan 58.95% M
  • India 23.6%M
  • Brazil 19.05%M
  • Indonesia 18.45%M
  • United Kingdom 18.4%M
  • Turkey 16.1%M
  • Saudi Arabia 14.1%M
  • Mexico 13.9%M
  • Thailand 11.45%M
  • Philippines 10.5%M
  • France 10%M
  • Spain 8.75%M
  • Canada 7.9%M
  • Germany 7.75%M
  • South Korea 7.2%M
  • Argentina 5.9%M
  • Egypt 5.1%M
  • Malaysia 4.4%M
  • Colombia 4.3%M

How to use

To use this method, we will need two websites, 1st click to tweet 2nd bitly.

  • Open click to tweet website and log in your twitter account.
  • You got a box in the land page. Whose name is Generate Box Link.
  • In that box you have to enter your content name and link.
  • If your link is very big then you can use Bitly website. If not, then keep this process continue.
  • Then you click the generate new link button and copy the link.
  • Open that copy link in a new tab.
  • Tweet your content with hashtags.

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I hope you have got all the information related to increase online traffic.

Thank you for mints.

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