Why Buy Twitter

The most powerful thing in the digital world. In today’s time, that person is very powerful, who has a lot of data of people. People’s data was one such reason. Because of which Elon Musk had to buy Twitter. Elon Musk is one of the top 10 richest people in the world. Elon Musk had a plan to run a social media platform. Lichens can walk on any platform and it takes a lot of time to bring traffic on it.

I think so, Is Elon Musk planning to buy Twitter? You can also implement some strategy of this plan in your business. So let us know what are the main reasons. Because of which Elon Musk buy Twitter.

Reasons to Buy Twitter

why only twitter?

Elon Musk could buy any platform he wanted. But most of the social platforms are left and there are such people. Those who have nothing to do with the world. But out of these, Twitter is one such platform. On which there is an active user and with that most of the people on Twitter are educated. And all the business men, influencers and even the prime ministers of all the countries also use Twitter.

Elon Musk could not get this big opportunity in any platform. I think this may be one of the main reasons buy Twitter.


If seen from Elon Musk’s point of view. So if Elon Musk is more active on any platform then it is Twitter. Because a tweet by Elon gets more than one lakh retweets. If we talk about Elon Musk’s total reach on Twitter, then more than 40 million Elon Musk’s tweets are reached. Talking about the power of Elon’s tweet in social media.

For example: One of his tweets caused Dogecoin to grow more than 25% in one day. And the same tweet did the same for bitcoin. In this, the market of Bitcoin was down 17% in one day.

Therefore, in the eyes of Elon Musk, the value of Twitter would have been very high. Because Twitter is a powerful weapon of social media. And this can also be a reason to buy Twitter. That Elon Musk would not want to lose the power.

Market Tool

Marketing is the soul of any business. And Twitter is one of them. In today’s time, the following of a Musk on Twitter is 94.6M. If you want Elon Musk on Twitter, you can promote any product by tweeting. But Elon sir always thinks of the future. Because Elon sir is a business man and he is well known. That marketing of any business cannot give so much profit. As much as that company returns. Elon Musk always talks about “Return on Investment” ROI. Because a business man always wants profit.

AS a business man ke point of view se dekhe to. Ye ek acha reason ho sakta hai twitter ko kharidne ka.


Before tweet anything on Twitter, you have to think a lot. Because even one tweet can lead to violence around the world. According to the SEC “Securities and Exchange Commission,” it is the post for Elon Musk to get permission from the SEC before tweeting anything. Because 1 tweet by Elon Musk makes the market go up and down. And no person would want that any kind of action should be done on him.

This was also one of the reasons I bought Twitter. By doing this Elon Musk becomes 100% owner of Twitter. And Elon Musk can tweet anything on Twitter at any time.

Buying Date

If I can tell you the date of official buy. According to Twitter, on April 4, Elon Musk buy 9.2% shares of Twitter. And on April 25, Elon Musk buy 100% of Twitter’s shares. You can go to Elon Musk’s account and check it. Elon Musk has told all this very well on Twitter.

I hope you have got all the information related to why buy twitter.

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